Turn to a Knowledgeable Attorney When Determining Guardianship

Guardianship is a court created relationship where an individual is legally responsible for the care of another person – typically a child, incapacitated senior, or a disabled adult. In order for a guardian to be appointed for an adult, the adult must be adjudicated incompetent by a court proceeding.  Once they are deemed incompetent, the court will appoint a person to serve as guardian of their person and their estate (i.e. their finances).  The guardian of the person is responsible for making personal decisions such as where they will live and authorizing medical treatments.  The guardian of the estate is responsible for managing the finances.  Sometimes there will be one guardian to serve both purposes, and sometimes there will be two separate guardians.

Guardianship proceedings are difficult for everyone involved. No one wants to have to adjudicate a loved one incompetent, but there are situations where it is the only way to keep a loved one safe.  If you are worried that your loved one might need a guardian, contact the attorneys at Rudisill Estate & Elder Law Associates.  Meeting with an attorney with years of elder law and guardianship experience can help you to determine the best action plan.

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